Aruzia Sylvan One Frosty Morning, CGC, CGCA, RN, RA

sire: RBIS, MBISS GCHS Aruzia Priority One JC, CGC, ROMX-C

dam: CH Sylvan Silver Slipper

white and gold female    August 25, 2014   HP48225401    pedigree

CHIC #113011    BZ-DM1025/7F-PI    BZ-CA1349/18F/S-VPI-ECHO

BZ-TH885/18F-VIP    BZ-EYE317/18F-VPI

breeders/owners:  Lorrie Scott & Randi Boysen-Carl & Christopher Neale & Patti Neale

"Gracie" is a lovely white with gold spots, much like her sire.  She won Best of Breed from the BBE class and on to BOB over the #1 borzoi in the country, April 21, 2016, for 2 points, handled by Lorrie Scott (pictured below).

Gracie is in obedience class with Randi Boysen-Carl and earned her Canine Good Citizen title July 2016.  October 29, 2016 Gracie won 1 point , October 30, Gracie won 2 points and December 4, 2016 Gracie won 1 point.  Gracie won a 4 point major January 7, 2017 at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs show, handled by Randi Boysen-Carl.  Gracie earned her Advanced Canine Good Citizen title (CGCA) February 1, 2017.  March 17, 2017, Gracie earned her first Rally Novice leg.   June 16, she earned her second rally novice leg with a score of 98 and 4th place in a large class.  July 30, Gracie wins 2 more points at the Lompoc show.  She needs a major to finish.  September 9, 2017, Gracie earns her Rally Novice title (RN) trained and handled by Randi Boysen-Carl.  October 22, 2017, Gracie earned her first Rally Advanced leg, with Randi Boysen-Carl. July 5, 2018, Gracie won RWB at the Borzoi Club of California's independent specialty. Pictured below with co-owner Randi Boysen-Carl, judge Pam Lambie, breeder/co-owner Lorrie Scott.

In 2019, after recovering from an injury, Gracie was finally sound enough to be shown again. October 5, 2019, Gracie earned her second RA leg. October 19, 2019, Gracie is pictured below, with Randi Boysen-Carl finished her Rally Advanced (RA) title. Gracie needs one major to finish her Conformaton Championship.

Pictured below is Grace with co-owner Randi Boysen-Carl

Pictured below at 9 months with her 6 month old cousin Archie.

pictured at 8 months

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